First Post

A hello and some ideas for future posts.

I didn’t think I wanted to keep a blog. But as I kept working on more and more projects, I realized I wanted somewhere to park the work and share it in case anyone else finds it useful. 

Here are some things I plan to post about in the coming weeks and months.

Cape Town and segregation

I’ve been doing a lot of work in Cape Town and the level of racial and economic segregation can at times be jarring. Just how segregated is Cape Town? Has it become more integrated since Apartheid ended?  I have a bunch of datasets to use in analyzing segregation in terms of residence, work, and commuting. 

What does crime have to do with traffic congestion?

In Cape Town, I think they are connected. I want to dive into the data to see if there really is a connection.

Why and how did regulations for Uber and Lyft change so fast? 

I’ll highlight some points on politics and regulatory institutions from a case study in San Francisco. 

How does taxi use in San Francisco differ from that in New York? 

The data suggest taxis were much more of a niche market in SF than in New York. 

Also, why was SF’s taxi system so bad? 

The city’s terrible taxi system was also a big factor in Uber and Lyft’s initial success.

Dealing with the minibus mafia in Cape Town

What it was like to collect survey data amidst South Africa’s minibus-taxi bosses.